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This are some basic comments on accounts and some special notes on certan accounts.

The Postmaster Account

The postmaster account is used as the account for administering the domain using QmailAdmin. It is suggested that if you are not going to be using the postmaster account as a regular account you create and alias or forward to a valid account. This account is used by other administrators to get in touch with the domain admin if there are any problems. The system administrator may also use this account to get in touch with you so it should be valid and working.

Other Special Accounts

There are a number of other account that could also be creates as needed these include accounts such as the webmaster (for listing on webpages).

Sub Accounts

One excellent feature of our mail system is that it support sub accounts. This means that if you are user bob@smith.com and you want to give out different email addresses for different things (websites, other mailing lists, etc.) you can give out bob-anythingyoucanthinkof@smith.com or bob-anything-you-can-think-of@smith.com and they will be delivered to andbob@smith.com. This is an excellent feature if used with a system list spamcop. This way a user can give out an account like user-spam@domain.com when reporting spam via spamcop.net and if this account gets added to a number of mailing lists the user can contact the system administrator and they can have the -spam subaccount blocked and they user can change subaccounts.

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