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EZFAQ 0.32 - ezmlm-idx and ezmlm FAQ

Fred Lindberg, & Fred B. Ringel,


This document is a collection of frequently asked questions about ezmlm-idx. Where applicable, ezmlm itself is also covered. This FAQ presumes familiarity with Unix, and with the basic concepts of E-mail and mailing lists. This FAQ is updated for ezmlm-0.53 and ezmlm-idx-0.32.

1. General Information

2. Quick start

3. Overview of mailing list management and mailing list managers

4. Overview of ezmlm function

5. ezmlm support for SQL databases.

6. Possible error conditions in ezmlm lists.

7. Customizing ezmlm-make operation via ezmlmrc

8. Restricting message posting to the list.

9. Customizing outgoing messages.

10. Customizing archive retrieval.

11. Restricting archive retrieval.

12. Customizing digests.

13. Remote administration.

14. Sublists.

15. Migration to Ezmlm from other Mailing List Managers.

16. Optimizing list performance.

17. Miscellaneous.

18. Ezmlm-idx compile time options.

19. Multiple language support.

20. Subscriber notification of moderation events.

21. Ezmlm-idx security.

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